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The Garden of the Humble Administrator is the biggest of the classical Chinese gardens in Suzhou, located about 2 hours outside Shanghai. And it’s wonderful!Covering about 50 thousand square feet, it’s the largest private garden in the country and well worth a visit to explore.


While not as ancient as the Master of the Nets garden, the Humble Administrator’s garden was designed over 500 years ago (during the Ming Dynasty) by a high-ranking Chinese official. It’s been sold and redesigned many times over the years since and it’s now a World Heritage Cultural site. The garden’s now rated as one of the 4 best gardens in China and it’s easy to see why it’s been so popular for so long.

Suzhou garden photos. Humble administrator's garden Suzhou, China

The Humble Administrator’s garden Suzhou is full of beautiful little ‘hobbit holes’ like this one!


The garden is full of attractive little ‘hobbit holes’ (OK we know that’s not really what they are..) that provide a visual link between different areas of the garden. Just like little framed windows, these holes tempt the visitor to keep on exploring and discovering more treasures.

Everywhere you look there’s water in the garden, linking beautiful features that include small forests, hills and rock formations. The reflection of trees and buildings in the water makes the garden a very serene and restful  place.

There are so many charming little buildings to explore, each one designed to make to most of the views available. Not matter what the season is, you’ll find many places to see the garden at its glorious best.

The old theatre is simply stunning, with handcrafted blue glass windows that overlook the lotus flowers in the lake. What could be more beautiful?

Garden of the Humble Administrator, Suzhou, China

Even on a busy day you’ll find lots of opportunities for stunning photos of the garden and the architecture. If you’re a little patient, it’s easy to find moments when there are no people in your shots!

One of the great joys of the garden is discovering all the little pathways and bridges crossing the water and connecting the buildings.

Suzhou garden photos

There’s beautiful detail everywhere – even the footpaths are stunning, with creatures from Chinese culture like these 5 bats which symbolise happiness and joy.

We adored this lovely little frog detailed in the footpaths in the Humble Administrator’s Garden.

The garden of the Humble Administrator is a magical place. We hope you love it as much as we do.



suzhou garden photos`

The Garden of The Humble Administrator, Suzhou, China. World Heritage site

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