7 Interesting Facts About China | Debunking Travel Myths

My love affair with China began in the most unorthodox way. The ex-husband and his (fab) girlfriend spilt up while she was planning a trip to China to celebrate her 50th birthday. It had been on her bucket list for 25 years and she was determined to walk on the Great Wall on her birthday. […]

The 3 Best Jersey Beaches for Kids

Having grown up living in Jersey and raised my son there, I’ve got the inside skinny on the best Jersey beaches for families. I know that going to the beach with small people is fun – if you’re well prepared and the beach has decent facilities for families. It’s pretty challenging otherwise. For this list, […]

Garden of the Humble Administrator | Suzhou

The Garden of the Humble Administrator is the biggest of the classical Chinese gardens in Suzhou, located about 2 hours outside Shanghai. And it’s wonderful! PinTweetShareShare

Stunning Ancient Suzhou Garden Photos

Located just a couple of hours outside of Shanghai, the serene and beautiful gardens at Suzhou are an absolute feast for the eyes. Two of the most beautiful are the Master of the Nets garden (the Fisherman’s garden) and the garden of the Humble Administrator. We came away from our visit with masses of Suzhou […]

Epic Ride!! Essential Great Wall of China Information

Most Great Wall of China information fails to include any details about how to get onto the wall or how to get off again! So, once you’ve decided which part of the wall to visit, here’s what you need to know! PinTweetShareShare

What to Expect On A Li River Boat Cruise from Guilin

Apart from breath-taking scenery and funny shaped mountains, I didn’t really know what to expect from the Li River boat cruise we’d booked. PinTweetShareShare

18 Things I Learned From My First China Vacation

When my ex-husband’s girlfriend invited me to join her on a trip to China to celebrate her 50th birthday, of course I said yes! Who better to travel with? PinTweetShareShare

Where to Start in China | Travel Diary Day 1

Where to start in China? It’s a good question… China was the biggest dream on my bucket list. My interest was fired way back in 1976 when I saw a report on the TV news of the Terracotta Warriors being found. (They were actually discovered in 1974, but ’76 was when I first heard about […]