Historical Xi’an Landmarks To Visit For Free!

The Bell Tower and The Drum Tower are two famous Xi’an landmarks and you can visit them for free. They’re located right in the middle of the old walled city, so you can stroll (almost) right up to them and take all the photos you want. The only time you’ll have to pay is if […]

Xi’an Report | How to Cycle Round the Old City Wall in Xi’an

When my travel buddy suggested going cycling on our trip to China, the day after visiting the Terracotta Warriors and the Shaanxi History Museum, I thought she’d lost the plot! I wasn’t looking forward to mega cities with lunatic traffic, hazardous fumes, heat, humidity and unreadable road signs. Plus we’re distinctly middle-aged and unfit! Then […]

Discover the Treasures of the Shaanxi History Museum Xi’an

If you’re visiting Xi’an and you’re a history buff, there’s one place you’ll want to make time to visit. The Shaanxi History Museum in Xian is a massive modern state museum, one the largest in China. It houses a fabulous, sprawling collection of 370,000 items. You’ll find breath-taking ancient murals, paintings, pottery and coins, plus […]

3 Things I Loved About Visiting The Terracotta Army

Visiting the Terracotta Army of Emperor Qin was on my bucket list for years before I actually got to see them. So I had a (tediously) long time to plan what I wanted to see. I was determined not to miss a thing! How to get there independently The Terracotta Warriors are located outside of […]

Beware Spicy Hot Pots in China!

It all seemed so simple. Take a leisurely 5 minute stroll from our hotel (via a bar for a quick beer) and find a half decent restaurant for dinner. We’d had amazing food every night on our China vacation so what could possibly go wrong? Hmmm. In our defence, we were shattered from travelling to Guilin […]

7 Interesting Facts About China | Debunking Travel Myths

My love affair with China began in the most unorthodox way. The ex-husband and his (fab) girlfriend spilt up while she was planning a trip to China to celebrate her 50th birthday. It had been on her bucket list for 25 years and she was determined to walk on the Great Wall on her birthday. […]

Garden of the Humble Administrator | Suzhou

The Garden of the Humble Administrator is the biggest of the classical Chinese gardens in Suzhou, located about 2 hours outside Shanghai. And it’s wonderful! PinTweetShareShare

Stunning Ancient Suzhou Garden Photos

Located just a couple of hours outside of Shanghai, the serene and beautiful gardens at Suzhou are an absolute feast for the eyes. Two of the most beautiful are the Master of the Nets garden (the Fisherman’s garden) and the garden of the Humble Administrator. We came away from our visit with masses of Suzhou […]