Aging gracefully is a term that’s bandied around a lot, but what does it mean? I’m not talking about celebrities with slim bodies, fat budgets, endless PhotoShopping and ‘people’ who fix everything. I’m talking about real women, post-menopausal women, like me. Women who juggle parenting, elder care and career responsibilities with trying to live our best lives. With so many mixed messages about what it means to grow older, I’ve been working on aging gracefully with the aid of my hairstylist. So what have we been doing?


I got my first greys in my early twenties and I’ve coloured my hair ever since. I’ve flip-flopped between expensive salon solutions and home colouring but it’s become such a drag. There’s much more grey to cover now and the re-growth needs touching up every 3 weeks instead of every six.


So, I made the decision to embrace the grey a few months ago after thinking about it for a long while. I worried about being a grey mum, but with the green light from my teen who said ‘you always look beautiful to me mum’, I was ready to get started.


The first thing I did was talk to my hairstylist about what I wanted to do. I asked her about the options for going grey. She told me I had 3 basic choices:

The cheapest option

Stop colouring and grow the grey out naturally. With my shoulder length hair, she told me that would take at least 12 months. Hmmm, 12 months plus of visible, aging regrowth. I didn’t much fancy the ‘ratty old lady’ look! My regrowth was already pretty ugly.

Step 1 in aging gracefully with the aid of my hairstylist
Grotty, very visible roots were so aging and so labour intensive to cover. Definitely time for action!

Go for a crop

Chopping off everything except the grey roots looks amazing on women like Jamie Lee Curtis with her chiselled cheekbones. I was worried that I’d look like an extra from Prisoner Cell Block X if I tried this one!.

Blend into the grey

Take some time to work with her, lifting my dark brunette with highlights, adding more on each visit. I felt this would suit my skin better, make me look younger and make me feel more confident. It’s the most expensive option, but the one that allows me to feel good about my hair as I transition to the silver sisterhood.

aging gracefully with the help of my hairstylist
Ugh – look at that regrowth! My fab hairstylist Gemma worked her magic on me!

I’ve had 2 lots of highlights and I’m now onto return trips only to manage the condition of my hair. One very happy bunny.

Going grey gracefully
Thank God I’ll NEVER have to sit in a chair and go through this torture again!

Ultimately, deciding to go grey does come down to personal preferences. For me it was the right time and I’m loving this new freedom from the tyranny of regular colouring. I’ve had so many compliments about my new hair and I’m delighted I decided to look into aging gracefully with the aid of my hairstylist.

Aging gracefully with the aid of my fantastic hairstylist
The finished article – highlights blended to my grey roots, eliminating regrowth

For me, aging gracefully means taking simple steps to make your outside appearance match the way you feel on the inside. It doesn’t have to mean nips, tucks and an endless search for the elixir of youth. I’m not trying to be a female Peter Pan, but I do want to be there very best version of me. Embracing my grey hair and making it look great is a big part of this journey for me.

Are you ready to transition to grey? Maybe you’re just thinking about it? Share your story and photos in the comments below.



My stylist is the amazing and talented Gemma at Regis Salon in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

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